April 5, 2008



April 5, 2008





The Board of Directors meeting was called to order by MSA President David Keem at 4:40 p.m.



I.             CALL TO ORDER:


Members Present: Dan Adam, Thelma Brown, Jane Carpenter, Brent Edwards, George Gilliam, David Keem, Al Magyar, Trish Magyar,


Members Absent:  Tom Irish, Tom Pavlack, David Scott, Ed Weycker




MOTION by Al Magyar support by Al Dan Adam to accept the Shoot Schedule minutes of the November 3, 2007 and the Regular Meeting minutes of November 3, 2007 meeting.  MOTION CARRIED


III.           REPORTS:


A.            PRESIDENT – David Keem

                No Report

B.            TREASURER – Kathy Warner

MOTION by Trish Magyar, support by Jane Carpenter to approve the MSA General Fund, Money Market Account and Lifetime Member Fund as presented.  MOTION CARRIED


        C.            SECRETARY – Kathy Warner

458 active members, includes lifetime members and Jr. shooters

27 lifetime members

135 junior shooters


MOTION by Trish Magyar and a SUPPORT by Al Magyar that members dues not paid will be sent a notice and if not paid and a second notice sent a $5.00 penalty will be added for each subsequent shoot in Michigan.   MOTION CARRIED


                D.            COMMITTEES –

                                A.    Constitution & By Laws – Trish Magyar – No Report

                        B.    State Shoot – Trish Magyar – No Report

                        C.   Nominations & Elections – Ballot ready by June 1st.

                        D.   Hall of Fame – Al Magyar – Glenn Buege is the nominee.

                        E.   All State Teams – Trish Magyar – All State Team are posted on the web site.

                        F.   Awards & Trophies – Jane Carpenter – All plaques have been updated.

                        G.   MSA Newsletter – Jane Carpenter – Newsletter consideration to the placed on the web site for those with internet as it would mean less in mailing costs.


V.          OLD BUSINESS:

           No old business


                        A.    Approval of State Shoot Budget

MOTION by Al Magyar, SUPPORT by George Gilliam that we opt for #2 option and increase the entry fee by $1.00 to $29.00 per entry.   MOTION CARRIED


B.    MOTION by Trish Magyar, SUPPORT by George Gilliam to make the following changes to the MSA All State Team requirements to: 1,000 12 gauge: 800 20 gauge, 28 gauge & 410, 500 doubles to reflect the Board’s decision to confirm with the lower NSSA annual target standards.  MOTION CARRIED


C.    MOTION by Dan Adam and SUPPORT by Jane Carpenter that Trish Magyar write-up a motion and e-mail to all Board members for approval on a new requirement for all teams.


Current Wording: Additional requirement for all teams:  If only the number of required targets is shot, then all but 200 targets in each gauge/event must be “regular targets” (i.e. not “targets only”).  For each 100 targets above the required “regular targets”, “targets only” are allowed.


Proposed Change:  Additional requirement for all teams:  If only the minimum number of required targets is shot, then all but 200 targets in each gauge/event must be “regular targets” (i.e. “targets only”).  For each 50 or 100 targets above the required “regular targets” “targets only” are allowed.  However, no “targets only” shot after the Michigan State Skeet Championships will be used for determining an individual’s eligibility unless they are needed to make the minimum target requirements.





MOTION by Al Magyar support by Dan Adam to adjourn the meeting.





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