November 3, 2007


NOVEMBER 3, 2007

The Board of Directors meeting was called to order by MSA President, David Keem at 11:35 a.m.


Members Present: Dan Adam, Jane Carpenter, Brent Edwards, George Gilliam, Jr., Tom Irish, David Keem, Al Magyar ,Trish Magyar, David Scott, Ed Weycker & Kathy Warner

Members Absent: Thelma Brown, Tom Pavlack

Guests: Loraine Malloy

A. Introduction of new Board member David Scott

B. A welcome was given to guests.


A. MOTION by Al Magyar, support by Jane Carpenter to approve the minutes of the November 4, 2006 meeting. MOTION CARRIED

B. MOTION by Trish Magyar, support by Dan Adam to approve the following reports: MSA General Fund, CD Account & Lifetime Members Fund. MOTION CARRIED


A. Constitution & By Laws: Trish Magyar – Nothing to report.

B. State Shoot: Trish Magyar – State Shoot Financial Statement was discussed. MOTION by George Gilliam, support by Al Magyar that half of the profit from the shoot for a total of $1,400.00 be returned to the State Shoot Budget for 2008. MOTION CARRIED

Discussed at length the Saturday night dinner. It was decided that with more information a decision would be made at the April meeting.

MOTION by Jane Carpenter, support by Brent Edwards to approve the State Shoot Financial Report. MOTION CARRIED

C. Nominations & Elections: George Gillian, Jr. – Need nominees names by May 31st so they can be mailed out with the registration form for the State Shoot.

D. Hall of Fame: Ed Weycker – Stated that there were no applications at this time. The committee is open for ideas. They may also pursue a service award inductee as another possibility.

E. All State Teams: Trish Magyar – Looking to have names sometime in January.

F. Awards & Trophies: Jane Carpenter – Most of the plaques are updated and the last two will be up soon.

G. MSA News: Jane Carpenter – next issue will be issued end of November. Al Magyar gave a big thanks to Jane for all her work on the newsletter.

MOTION by Brent Edwards, support by Dan Adams to accept all committee reports. MOTION CARRIED


A. Review of Membership – Kathy Warner stated there are 511 active members including 27 Life Memberships and 136 Junior members.

B. MOTION by Ed Weycker, support by Tom Irish that Jane Carpenter, MSA News Editor and Kathy Warner, Secretary/Treasurer receive a $500.00 bonus for the 2007 year for a job well done. MOTION CARRIED C. Jane Carpenter gave recognition to Loraine Malloy and her committee for the great work with the junior shooter program.


A. MOTION by Jane Carpenter, support by Tom Irish to nominate David Keem as President. CARRIED by accumulation.

B. MOTION by Trish Magyar, support by Jane Carpenter to nominate George Gilliam, Jr. as Vice President. CARRIED by accumulation.

C. MOTION by Jane Carpenter, support by Tom Irish to affirm Kathy Warner Secretary/Treasurer. CARRIED by accumulation.



A. 2008 Shoot Fees:
Daily shoot fees will remain at .02 cents per target.

B. 2008 State Shoot Bid and Fees:

MOTION by Jane Carpenter, support by George Gilliam that the following bid be accepted from the Detroit Gun Club to host the State Shoot in August, 2008 with a rate of 18 ½ cents per target. Also Friday and Saturday night dinner tickets will be approved at the Spring meeting when more information will be available. MOTION CARRIED

C. Board approval of 2008 Shoot Schedule:

MOTION by Tom Irish, support by Trish Magyar to approve the shoot schedule for the year 2008. MOTION CARRIED

D. NSSA Field Grant Applications for 2008: None at this time. It was noted that Cass City has now had two shoots on their new field.

E. Junior Shooter Program: Loraine Malloy updated the Board on the Jr. Shooter Scholastic Program. Plans are in the works to transfer the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) from the National Shooting Sports Foundation to the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation. The SCTP National Championships are scheduled for July 31 – Aug 4, in Sparta, IL at the World Shooting & Recreational Complex. Loraine stated that there is a website for the Junior shooters where they can find information. Since Junior shooters do not pay MSA dues, it was discussed to have the MSA Newsletter placed on the website rather than mailing it to the Junior shooters.

F. MSA Website: With much discussion pertaining to a MSA website, and Al and Trish Magyar volunteering to create one, a MOTION by Tom Irish, support by Jane Carpenter that a website be created for MSA. MOTION CARRIED

G. NSSA-NSCA Membership: The new NSSA Cross-Fire membership program was discussed. This program provides dual membership for skeet and sporting clays shooters at the national level for a single membership fee. After a lengthy discussion the following motion was made: MOTION by Tom Irish, support by Ed Weycker that if you shoot targets in Michigan, and are a Michigan resident, you must be a MSA member with the exception of a junior shooter. MOTION CARRIED

H. Shoot Schedule: MOTION by Tom Irish, support by Jane Carpenter, that the Board should approve the Shoot Schedule for the upcoming year prior to the adjournment of the Shoot Schedule Meeting, in lieu of at the Board of Directors’ meeting. MOTION CARRIED


A. Constitution & By-laws: Trish Magyar (Chairperson), Al Magyar, Ed Weycker

B. Finance: George Gilliam, Jr., Kathy Warner

C. State Shoot: Trish Magyar (Chairperson), Dan Adam, Brent Edwards, Tom Pavlack, David Scott, Scott Behnke and Dan Mustonen

D. Nominations & Elections: George Gilliam, Jr. (Chairperson), Thelma Brown, Jane Carpenter, Brent Edwards, Tom Pavlack and David Scott

E. Hall of Fame: Ed Weycker (Chairperson) Thelma Brown, Jane Carpenter, Al Magyar

F. All-State Teams: Trish Magyar (Chairperson), Jane Carpenter, Tom Irish and Al Magyar,

G. Awards & Trophies: Jane Carpenter, John Clipfell and Tom Irish and David Keem

H. MSA Newsletter: Jane Carpenter, John Clipfell
MSA Website Sub-Committee: Brent Edwards, Al Magyar and Trish Magyar

Next Board of Directors Meeting will be held at Detroit Gun Club on Saturday, April 5, 2008 following the shoot offs.

The November Board Meeting will be held on November 1, 2008 at the Saginaw Gun Club.
MOTION by Tom Irish support by Jane Carpenter to adjourn the meeting at 1:55 p.m.

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