MSA News Committee

I. Corpus

This Committee shall consist of no less than three (3) members appointed by the President.


This Committee shall determine the overall content, format, and specifications for the official publication of the Association – MSA News.

This Committee will make recommendations to the Board regarding the following:

1) The desirability of soliciting advertisers in order to defray some of the costs associated with production of MSA News.

2) The editorial content, layout, and production format.

3) The desirability of inclusion of specific features such as Maps, Club Descriptions, Shoot Reports, Board Minutes, etc. recognizing the impact of these features on allocated budget as noted in item #l.

III. Duties and Responsibilities

This Committee shall supervise and direct all activities required to accomplish the production of MSA News and electronically mailing copies to all members:

1) Obtain information from the Secretary-Treasurer, Affiliated Clubs, and members of the Association required to prepare shoot reports.

2) Obtain services required to prepare editorial content, photographs, artwork, etc. for printing.

3) Solicit advertisers, obtain artwork, and determine position within each edition of MSA News, of articles, shoot reports, ads, and other information.

4) Gather information from Affiliated Clubs, direct the preparation of maps and club descriptions, and produce a “Club Directory” at such intervals as may be directed by the Board.



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