About The Michigan Skeet Association

The Michigan Skeet Association (MSA) was chartered April 15, 1965. The objectives of the MSA are to join together the Skeet Shooters of Michigan and thereby:

  • Promote closer acquaintances.
  • Foster friendly competition.
  • Increase knowledge among sportsmen regarding shotguns, and their proper and safe handling.
  • Engender and maintain in all MSA activities the highest possible degree of sportsmanship.

Attention MSA Members…

At the Board of Directors meeting on April 5th, the Board voted to change the order of precedence for the MSA State Teams.  The Open All-State Team will be selected first, then the Concurrent All-State Team.  The Gauge Teams will then be selected in the following order: 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge, 28 Gauge, .410 bore & Doubles.  This change was made because an individual must shoot minimums in all gauges and doubles to be eligible for HOA Concurrent, deeming it a higher honor than a Gauge Team, which only requires minimums in two gauges.  See the State Team Criteria for full details.

The Board of Directors is also considering the requirement that a minimum number of registered targets be shot in Michigan in order to be eligible for a MSA State Team, and are interested in your input.  So, email or talk to the Board members.

MSA 2015 Directors Election Results (click here)

State Shoot Results (click here)

Congratulations to Grayling Sportsman’s Club,
the 2013 MSA Club of the Year!
The 2nd place finisher was Rockford Sportsman’s Club,
followed by Genesee Sportsman’s Club

2014 MSA State Teams (view)

January MSA News… in COLOR! (view)

The MSA Newsletter is only available on-line… Be sure you have an updated email address on file with the webmaster if you’d like to receive notification when the new issue is available.

Please send corrections or questions to the webmaster at: miskeet@comcast.net

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