Chief Referee


I. Corpus

The Chief Referee of MSA shall be appointed by the MSA President and shall be accountable to the Board for his actions. The Chief Referee must have Official or Associate Referee credentials from NSSA.

II. Function

The Chief Referee shall provide guidance to Affiliated Clubs in holding registered shoots in accordance with the Official Rules & Regulations of the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA) and in accordance with these Bylaws.

III. Duties and Responsibilities

The Chief Referee, or his designated alternate, shall approve all applications from MSA members for Official or Associate Referee credentials from NSSA.

The Chief Referee will hold a referee’s clinic each year as soon as practical after November 1st, for the coming season.

IV. Credentials

It is required that each affiliated Club send at least one representative to the referee clinic in order to become familiar with registered shoot procedures and NSSA rule changes for the coming season. This representative should take the NSSA Referee’s Examination and receive credentials as an Official or Associate Referee from NSSA. This representative will be responsible for assuring that his or her club abides by the Official Rules & Regulations of NSSA in administering and refereeing registered shoots. The Board may waive this requirement provided the Board, in its sole opinion, is satisfied that a club has sufficient qualified personnel to conduct registered shoots.

V. Duties and Responsibilities of Referees at Registered Shoots

1)  Shoot Management shall designate referees for registered shoots at their club in accordance with NSSA rules and shall be responsible for their conduct at all times during the shoot.

2)  Shoot Management shall also designate a Protest Committee, as required by NSSA rules, and clearly post the names of said committee prior to the beginning of all registered shoots.

3)  Referees appointed for the State Shoot shall work with the State Shoot Committee.

4)  For the State Shoot, the State Shoot Committee should consider referees residing in the State of Michigan before choosing any out-of-state referees.

Current Chief Referee: Teresa Strieter

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