Board of Directors

Current Board of Directors

RULES OF PROCEDURE –  Board of Directors

I. General Provisions

The Board of Directors shall perform its duties, as defined in the Constitution in the following manner:

1)  The President shall preside and maintain order. He shall have sole authority to refer any question to a person or committee for clarification, study and/or future report. As Presiding Officer (PO), the President shall be the sole referee in interpreting parliamentary procedure.

2)  After a Motion has been made and seconded, no member may have the floor until the Motion has been stated by the PO.

3)  A Motion may be withdrawn by the Maker upon consent of the Second before debate.

4)  When two people rise to speak at the same time, the PO shall decide who shall have the floor.

5)  Speeches shall be confined to the subject matter under debate.

6)  No individual shall be permitted to speak twice on the same subject until all wishing to speak have spoken once.

7)  No individual may be interrupted except on a point of order. The PO shall decide if the speaker is out of order.

8)  When an appeal is taken from a ruling by the PO, the PO shall vacate the chair and an officer designated by the PO, usually the Vice President, shall take the chair.

9)  Any motion passed or defeated may be brought up again in a “Motion to Reconsider”.

10) During Board elections, a member may not nominate more than one candidate for any office.

11) Elected positions shall be filled in the following order: President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer.

12) The PO shall decide when nomination for any office have been completed, asking “Are there any further nominations”? “There being no further nominations, the PO hereby rules that nominations are closed”.

13) Elections may be by a show of hands of those present or by secret ballot.

14) If by secret ballot, the PO shall appoint two (2) election tellers, none of whom are candidates, to distribute ballots, collect them and report the results to the PO who shall announce the result.

15) In case of a tie, another ballot shall be cast. If still tied, a flip of a coin shall decide the winner.

16) All procedures not covered by these rules shall be decided by the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

II. Order of Business and Points of Order

1) Order of Business
At the first regular meeting of the shooting year, the order of business shall be:

a. Call to Order. Introduction of new members/guests.

b. Reading of the minutes of the previous meeting by the Secretary-Treasurer.
Call for Approval.

c. Secretary-Treasurer’s Report. Call for Approval.

d. Reports of Committees.

e. Old Business

f. Election of Officers. The newly elected Officers then preside.

g. New Business

h. Shoot Schedule Approval

i. Designation of MSA Chief Referee

j. Approval of Committees. The PO shall submit a list of Committees – announcing any changes since the previous meeting.

k. Adjournment.

2) Points of Order

a. Reports of Committees (See 1-d above)
A motion made by a Committee member for the first time, shall be subject to discussion but NOT subject to amendment. It shall be passed, defeated, or tabled with suggestions for Committee consideration.

b. Old Business
Old business from previous meetings shall be disposed of before considering New Business. Topics to be presented shall be submitted to the President before the meeting begins and shall be taken up in the order received. Any business not resolved shall be abandoned and stricken from the record or tabled for a future meeting.

c. New Business

1. All New Business shall be presented in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer prior to the meeting. The Secretary-Treasurer shall then place it on the agenda or refer it to a Committee having authority over the subject matter of the proposal.

2. Special reports by Officers and/or Committees shall be in writing.

d. Approval of Committees – Standing Committees shall be:

1. Constitution and Bylaws

2. Finance

3. Shoot

4. Nominations, Credentials and Elections

5. Michigan Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame (MSSHoF)

6. All State and State Gauge Teams

7. Awards

8. MSA Website

The President shall have sole authority to appoint or withdraw an appointment to a Committee as he sees fit.

e. General Rules of Procedure

1. Questions involving the Constitution, Rules of Procedure, MSA policy or substantial sums of money must be cleared through a committee before they can be entertained by the Board.

2. Where an oral motion is made, the President may immediately refer the question to the appropriate Committee for a later report at the same meeting or a future meeting.

As an established principle, all motions should be in writing. However, the Board may act on an oral motion where the object of the motion is obvious, and the wording relatively unimportant. The President shall allow or disallow any oral motion.

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