Hall of Fame Committee

RULES OF PROCEDURE – Michigan Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame Committee

I. Corpus

This Committee shall consist of five (5) members. Three of the members shall be the current MSA President, and two (2) volunteers selected from the current Board members. The remaining two (2) members may be appointed by the President from the MSA members at large. This committee will be determined at the Annual Membership Meeting for selection of the following year’s inductees.

II. Function

The Board will institute a Michigan Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame (MSSHoF) to honor those residents of the State of Michigan who have distinguished themselves by a high degree of proficiency in the sport of skeet shooting and/or by a major contribution to the promotion and welfare of the sport, exhibiting in the process a high degree of sportsmanship and dedication.

III. Rules and Guidelines for Selection

This committee shall prepare a list of nominees, who meet the following criteria:

1)  The nominees for this award must have been residents of the State of Michigan and members in good standing of MSA – both for a period of at least ten (10) years. The award will emphasize excellence in shooting, both on a state and national level, though this will not be a required criterion. In addition, nominees must be over the age of fifty (50) or have won a World championship. A World championship is defined as having won the 12, 20, 28, .410, doubles, HOA, HAA, Champion of Champions, or Wayne Mayes Championship event in the main events at the NSSA World Shoot.

2)  Any member of the MSA who has been accepted into the NSSA Hall of Fame will automatically be named to membership in the MSSHoF.

3)  After the first year, there will be no more than two (2) inductees into the MSSHoF each year based on shooting merit. An additional individual, however, may be awarded the Chet Crites Service Award in recognition of outstanding volunteer work, which has helped to promote skeet shooting and/or represent Michigan on a local and/or national level. Such a person should also exhibit a degree of interest in competitive shooting. It is not necessary to have any recipients of either award in any given year if the committee feels that there are no suitable candidates, however, the banquet may be held in any event.

4)  A formal induction will take place at a banquet, and an appropriate personal award will be presented at that time. MSA will provide the funds for said awards.

5)  The permanent site for the recognition of the MSSHoF inductees will be at the Detroit Gun Club. A suitable display will be provided by MSA.

6)  A nominee who is considered for induction, and is not selected for a given year, may be reconsidered an unlimited number of times in future years.

7)  If the shooting career of a deserving individual should be interrupted by an untimely death or disablement, it shall be the responsibility and privilege of the MSSHoF committee to reduce the residency and shooting requirements as they deem appropriate under such unfortunate circumstance.

8)  Information on nominating deserving individuals shall be provided to the membership through the MSA website. The committee will make its recommendations to the Board at the first summer meeting of the Board. The announcement of the inductees for each year will be made in advance of the formal induction so that the inductees, and their families, can arrange to attend the induction ceremonies and banquet.

IV. Duties and Responsibilities

1)  Prepare a list of eligible persons according to the above listed criteria.

2)  Make recommendations to the Board for persons to be inducted into the MSSHoF for the current year.

3)  Obtain appropriate photographs of persons to be inducted and research information about shooting accomplishments and other pertinent information to be included on the MSSHoF plaques.

4)  Direct all activities required to obtain duplicate photoengraved plaque – one to be awarded to each inductee and one to be placed in the MSSHoF.

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Hall of Fame Members

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