Shoot Committee

RULES OF PROCEDURE – Shoot Committee

I. Corpus

This Committee shall consist of no less than five (5) members appointed by the President.

II. Function

This Shoot Committee shall strive for harmonious relationship between the MSA and Affiliated Clubs. It shall lend advice and assistance so that Registered Shoots may be conducted smoothly and efficiently.

III. State Shoot

This Committee will be responsible for the State Shoot and will be guided by the following:

1)  The Michigan State Skeet Championships (State Shoot) will be the property of MSA, and its location each year shall be determined by the Board in the best interest of the skeet shooters in Michigan.

2)  The Shoot Committee shall determine the content of the State Shoot Program and shall deliver necessary information to the MSA Website Committee to produce, print, mail or electronically mail to all members.

3)  MSA will pay the host club on the basis of targets thrown, or any other basis as the Board shall determine.

4)  The Shoot Committee, and the MSA Chief Referee, shall determine the number of Referees necessary to conduct the shoot, and the fees due to the field referees shall be paid by MSA.

5)  The Shoot Committee and the Secretary-Treasurer shall determine the number of cashiers and other help necessary, and their fees shall be paid by MSA.

6)  Order Participant Pins, Award Pins and Championship Belt Buckles awarded at the State Shoot.

IV. Registered Shoots

1)  Affiliated Clubs shall submit applications for dates of registered shoots at the Annual Membership Meeting. The final shoot schedule shall be presented to the Board for approval at the following Board meeting.

2)  The Board shall see to that the following rules are observed:

a. There shall be no registered shoots in Michigan on the days of the State Shoot.

b. Registered shoots may be awarded only to MSA Affiliated Clubs, and must be held on the grounds of said club, unless prior approval of the Board is obtained.

c. Affiliated Clubs awarded registered shoots must conform to all rules and regulations of MSA and NSSA.

d. Clubs will make remittances to shooters who have won purses and awards within two weeks of conclusion of the shoot.

e. Clubs shall make reports and remit funds to MSA and NSSA pertaining to winners, daily shooting fees and membership fees collected at the shoot. The amount of these fees shall be in accordance with fee schedules that may be approved from time to time by MSA and NSSA.

f. Each Lower Peninsular Affiliated Club shall be granted a “Protected Shoot Date” for their number one shoot. This date will normally be repeated annually, and no other shoot will be permitted in Michigan on that date unless that club consents. However, if a club chooses not to hold a shoot on its “Protected Shoot Date”, they will be placed at the bottom of the list for choosing available open dates. New clubs, or clubs that did not hold a shoot the previous year, will have first selection of open dates for a “Protected Shoot Date”.

g. Remaining open weekends may be awarded to Affiliated Clubs that want to hold more than one shoot. Any club that held a shoot on a given weekend during the previous year will have first choice to repeat that shoot. Any disputes regarding shoot dates, if not decided by the clubs involved, will be decided by the Board members present at the scheduling meeting. If they cannot decide, then it will be determined by a draw between the clubs involved for the date in question.

h. Shoot Management shall be required to provide Referees at all registered shoots in accordance with NSSA rules (see Rules of Procedure – Chief Referee).

i. Shoot Management shall be responsible to see that appeals concerning decisions related to shooting rules, or other NSSA provisions, are handled in accordance with NSSA rules including final appeal to NSSA if required.

j. Affiliated Clubs shall absolve MSA and NSSA from all liability in connection with registered shoots held at their club.

k. An Affiliated Club hosting the State Shoot must comply with the requirement of Section III as noted above.

l. Finalize the schedule by December 31st of each year and make it available to the Secretary-Treasurer for mailing to all members along with their annual dues notice.

m. Direct the Secretary-Treasurer to prepare a “wallet sized” copy of the official schedule and mail a copy of same, to all members along with their membership card.

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