MSA Committee Members


Constitution & By-laws: Brent Edwards (Chairperson), Jerry Barefoot, Jane Carpenter

Finance: David Schiebel, Brent Edwards, Kathy Warner

State Shoot: Brent Edward & Mike Stewart (Co-Chairperson), Loraine Malloy, Dave Scott, Rick Trawinski, Denny Tanis and Scott Behnke

Nominations & Elections: David Schiebel (Chairperson), Brent Edwards, Loraine Malloy, Denny Tanis & John Glynn

Hall of Fame: Al Magyar (Chairperson), Jane Carpenter, Bill Nielsen & Mike Stewart

All-State Team: Trish Magyar (Chairperson), Jane Carpenter, David Schiebel, Jerry Barefoot and Rick Trawinski

Awards & Trophies: Jane Carpenter, Loraine Malloy, and Rick Trawinski

Electronic Newsletter: Jane Carpenter, Loraine Malloy and Trish Magyar & Brent Edwards

MSA Web Site Committee: Trish Magyar (Chairperson), Brent Edwards, Al Magyar


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