All-State & State Gauge Team Committee

RULES OF PROCEDURE – All-State & State Gauge Team Committee

I. Corpus

This Committee shall consist of no less than three (3) members appointed by the President.

II. Function

This Committee shall be responsible for selection of the Michigan All State Team, State Concurrent HOA Leaders, State Gauge Teams and Lou Raden High Target Award according to criteria established by the Board.

III. Duties and Responsibilities

This Committee shall supervise and direct all activities required to design and procure Belt Buckles for the All State Team, State Concurrent HOA Leaders, and State Gauge Teams.

This committee shall document and maintain the latest criteria, as established by the Board, for selection of members of the Association for these various honors.

This committee is authorized to request from the Secretary-Treasurer, or from NSSA Headquarters, any and all data required to determine eligibility and ranking of members of the Association in qualifying for these honors.

This committee shall supervise and direct all activities required to accomplish the identification and reporting of winners of these honors by April 1st following conclusion of the previous shooting year on December 31st. The winners in a given year will be based on the prior year’s shooting; e. g. the members of the 2016 All State Team will be based on shooting results of the 2015 shooting year, ending on December 31, 2015.

This committee shall notify the Awards Committee, the MSA website committee and NSSA Headquarters of winners for the purpose of recognition on the MSA Website and Clay Target Nation, and so that designated awards can be ordered and delivered to the recipients.


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